2 February 2017

In the elimination episode of this week contrary to the previous elimination episodes the contestants had their individual performances.

Jamal Mubarez the rap performer had the first performance in tonight’s show; he performed a beautiful rap and could get some very positive feedbacks from the judges on his performance.


Hashmat Amini performed the second songs of the show which was followed by the performances of Khalil Yousofi, Zulala Hashemi, Hekmat Rezwan and Babak Mohammadi.  

After all, the last minutes of the show was used to announce the eliminated contestant who was Babak Mohammadi the guy from Herat Province with a strong talent in folkloric songs. He was expecting to be the Afghan Star of this round, but he left the stage of the Afghan Star season 12 by his last performance.


To find out what happened in the 21st episode of Afghan Star and more about the Top 6 elimination please click on the link below to watch the full episode of afghan Star