3 November 2017

The biggest and the best singing competition in Afghanistan "Afghan Star" returns for its thirteenth season. This season will be judged by the Afghan 4 most loved singers; Qais Ulfat and Obaid Juenda together with Saida Gul Maina the Pashto folklore singer. Exclusively for Season 13, the talented female singer Shahla Zoland, will also join the program as the fourth judge.


These judges will try their best to select the bests out of thousands of hopeful participants from all over the country in the 13th season of Afghan Star.


The first episode of Afghan Star season 13 features the preliminary auditions in Kabul “capital of the country” in which more than a hundred of talented Afghan boys and girls participated with their amazing performances to get a success card that advances them to the qualification rounds.   


To find out what happened in the first episode and much more, click on the video below and watch Afghan Star Season 13th first full episode.