4 January 2018

Top 10 elimination started with a very beautiful duet performance by Jamil Karimi and Reshad Naheeb singing the very famous song "Ay Abea Du Chashmat" from the Afghan singer Jawid Sharif. Mansoor Jalaal and Sami Aman had the second performance in tonight's show. They performed a pashto song on which they could get some very positive feedback from the judges. Subsequently the third performers were Adib Yusufi and Mustafa Hunarjoo they sung “Qadar Ra Sar Kunid “from the eastern diamond Ahmad Zahir, they did a good job. After that Eraj Salimi and Ahmad Saber came to stage and then Mohammad Aqil Sharify and Haroon Rasoli performed song “bilandi Ha” From Farhad Darya.


To find out what happened in the 13th episode of Afghan Star and more about the Top 10 elimination please click on the link below to watch the full episode of afghan Star.