28 December 2017

Top 11 elimination show started with a beautiful duet performance by Adib Yousofi and Haroon Rasooly, they performed the song "Yade Rozegar Shiren" of Ahmad Zahir.


The second duet "Nasime Ashiq Parwar" was performed by Aqeel Sharifi and Mansoor Jalal and was liked by the judges and audience.


The show continued with a performance of Jamil Karimi and Saber Asefi, performing “Dunya Guzaran” from Farhad Darya a great Afghan singer; Subsequently with a Pashto performance of Farhad Sahel, Eraj Salimi and Sami Aman followed by a beautiful performance of Mustafa Honarjor and Reshad Naheeb "Pas Azen Zari Makon" from the great Afghan singer Zahir Huwaida.


To find out who is the eliminated contestant and what happened in the 11th episode of Afghan Star and more about the Top 11 Elimination watch the video below.