8 February 2018

The first song of this episode was a Hazaragi song “Khanai Mu” which was performed by Mustafa Hunarjoo as Qais Ulfat praised him a lot and Shala Zaland told him” With this performance you entertained us”, Saida Gul Maina told him “Proceed like this in all your future performances as well” by the end of his performance he went to safe zone.


Haroon Rasoli performed the second performance of the show, He started with the song of” Jelwai Tu Ufoq Khatera” which was much encouraged by the judges especially by Obaid Juenda who told him”This performance was one of your best performances ever you did” unfortunately he went to the danger zone.


Afterwards, Mohammad Aqil Sharify performed a song “Enbar Nagozir Delam Dar Hawai Tust” and he also got some good comments from the judges, especially by Shahla Zaland” A good selection of song and Now you have realized how to select a song for yourself”, he also went to the danger zone.


Mansoor Jalaal was the fourth contestant who performed a very famous song “Behoda Khoaram Mekoni” a calm song from the great Tajik singer Manizha Dawlat and made both the judges and the audience voiceless with his performance especially Obaid Juenda” Now you are perfect” he told him” after he went to the safe zone.


The last song “Laila Dera Khaista Da” was performed by Sami Aman who received positive comments from Saida Gul Maina the judge of the show, after his, he went to the danger zone.


The audience and five contestants were all waiting to see who was eliminated this night and finally Sami Aman the Pashto performer was announced as the eliminated contestant and did his last performance.

To watch the full episode of top 5 elimination click on the below link.