26 January 2018

Our top six contestants battle it out on this episode of Afghan Star. We were first treated to a performance by all six contestants, singing a calm Afghan song, “Shab e Yalda,” in unison. This song was originally sung by Afghan singer Amir Jan Saboori.


This episode, contestants were allowed to sing their own chosen songs, in any style or tradition. Mansoor Jalaal was the first contestant to perform tonight, and he performed the song, “Ghazale E Chashmi Tu” It is a Ghazal song and difficult to sing. Ustad Qais Ulfat was impressed by his performance. Other judges, however, were impressed by the whole performance.

Haroon Rasoli sang the song of “Man Masti” and the judges were again impressed and rewarded Haroon with a total score of 32.

Jamil Karimi sang “Tu Ham Jani” which accompanied on stage by Harmonium. Harmonium is a famous Afghani musical instrument.


Mohammad Aqil Sharify sang the song of “Che Gona Faramosh Mekoni” Again it is an emotional Ghazal song and he sang it well, He was able to get two 10s, and two 8 from the judges, earned a total score of 36.


Our stars also answered some questions which the audience has submitted through Facebook Live, so make sure to keep your questions coming!

In the second half of the show, Mustafa Hunarjoo sang an Hazaragi Song and praised a lot by the audience then Sami Aman had his performance, but he made a mistake and couldn’t satisfy the judges.


To watch the full video, click on the below link.