5 January 2018

This week’s show started with an amazing performance by Obaid Juenda the judge of the show.


Mohammad Aqil Sharify was the first contestant who came on the stage with a thrilling performance, and he could satisfy the judges to get the full marks. The second performance was from Haroon Rasoli who sang “Ba Man Beman Ay Mehraban” a song of Obaid Juenda. Afterwards, Ahmad Saber Asifi performed a song from Sharif Dedar one of the best Afghan singers, but his performance was criticized by the judges and he got 34 points out of 40 on his performance. 


Sami Aman got the 37 points in tonight’s show from the judges on his performance. He performed a Pashto song in a very beautiful way. Subsequently, Reshad Naheeb with his rap performance surprised the judges and audience, with a lot of praises he also got 40 marks from the judges, Mustafa Hunarjoo, Jamil Karimi and Adib Yusufi had their performance and got some negative and positive comments from the judges on their performances, but all these three-performer got high marks from the judges.


The show was concluded with a beautiful performance “Roya e Man” by Mansoor Jalaal which was much encouraged by the audience and the judges. 


To find out what happened in the Top 9 click on the link below to watch the full episode of Afghan Star.