Afghan Star Season 14 - Grand Finale

26 Mar, 2019

The winner, Afghan Star of season 14, was finally announced on the grand finale show on 21st March 2019. Contrary to previous seasons a female contestant, Zahra Elham, who narrowly got more public votes than another finalist, Wasim Anwari, wins the title of Afghan Star for the first time in Season 14. 

3 Mar, 2014

Afghan Star Season 9 - Episode 29: Top 4

On the top 4 show our special guest was Sediq Shubab who was invited from overseas.

2 Mar, 2014

AfghanStar - Episode 28: Top 5 Elimination Show

The elimination show this night began with a short interview of the contestants followed by a group song “Lashkar e Mardom”.

24 Feb, 2014

Afghan Star Season 9 - Episode 27: Top 5

The first contestant in the “top 5” show was Dawood Pazhman singing the Afghan local song “Khoda Gar Parda Bardarad”. Dawood obtained 35 marks in total.

24 Feb, 2014

Afghan Star - Episode 26: Wild Card Result Show

Our show on this episode was somehow different than the ones on last weekends.

16 Feb, 2014

Afghan Star Season 9 - Episode 25 - Wild Card

The wild card show this year continued in absence of one eliminated contestant (Khoshbo Ahmadi) who gave an excuse for not being able to join.On the show this night, firstly the judges were introdu...

16 Feb, 2014

AfghanStar - Episode 24: Top 5 Elimination Show

On the show this night, Mustafa Aziziar the regular presenter was the first one to come in front of the audiences, he introduced the judges and asked Shahla Zaland to comment on the way people are...

10 Feb, 2014

AfghanStar - Episode23: Top 5

The Top5 contestants performed this episode. The show was presented by Muzhda Jamalzada and the famous professional Afghan singer Nayeem Popal,the Afghan superstar of the seventies.

10 Feb, 2014

AfghanStar - Episode 22: Top 6 Elimination Show

The show started with a song by Muzhda Jamalzada, the Afghan singer, who was invited as a special guest.

5 Feb, 2014

AfghanStar - Episode21: Top 6

Our top six contestants battle it out on this episode of Afghan Star. We are first treated to a performance by all six contestants, singing a classic Afghan song, “Dar een Watan,” in unison.