Afghan Star Season 14 - Grand Finale

26 Mar, 2019

The winner, Afghan Star of season 14, was finally announced on the grand finale show on 21st March 2019. Contrary to previous seasons a female contestant, Zahra Elham, who narrowly got more public votes than another finalist, Wasim Anwari, wins the title of Afghan Star for the first time in Season 14. 

4 Feb, 2014

AfghanStar - Episode20: Top 7 elimination show

This week we will say goodbye to one of our Top 7 contestants.

29 Jan, 2014

AfghanStar - Episode 19: Top 7

This episode, our top 7 contestants perform, and the audience will have a chance to decide who will be eliminated next week and who will make it to the top 6.

29 Jan, 2014

AfghanStar - Episode18: Top 8 elimination show

Our pool of contestants is getting smaller and smaller, and this week one of our Top 8 contestants will have to go home. First up is a duet by Sohrab Elyar and Rabi Behzad.

21 Jan, 2014

AfghanStar - Episode17: Top 8

This episode we are down to our top 8 contestants. First we are treated to a special performance by classical Afghan singer Rahim Ghafari.

19 Jan, 2014

AfghanStar - Episode16: Top 9 elimination show

This week one of our top 9 Afghan Stars will be cut from contestants. But before we get to announcing who will have to go home, we are treated to a performance by a special guest, Sharif Sahel.

14 Jan, 2014

AfghanStar - Episode 15: Top 9

This week's episode is very special, featuring some of the brightest stars in the previous eight years of Afghan Star contests.But first is a group performance by our top 9 contestants of Season 9....

12 Jan, 2014

AfghanStar - Episode 14: Top 10 Elimination Show

This episode our top 10 contestants get cut down to just 9.

8 Jan, 2014

AfghanStar - Episode 13: Top 10

Our stars were aided by a vocal coach, the well known and widely respected Ustad Wahid Qassemi, to hone their craft.

6 Jan, 2014

AfghanStar - Episode 12: Top 11 Elimination Show

With the elimination rounds underway, we’ll have to say goodbye again to another one of our contestants.