Afghan Star Season 14 - Grand Finale

26 Mar, 2019

The winner, Afghan Star of season 14, was finally announced on the grand finale show on 21st March 2019. Contrary to previous seasons a female contestant, Zahra Elham, who narrowly got more public votes than another finalist, Wasim Anwari, wins the title of Afghan Star for the first time in Season 14. 

31 Dec, 2013

Afghan Star Episode 11: Top 11

After bidding goodbye to Jawad in Episode 10, we are down to our top 11 contestants, and we will eliminate one more candidate in this episode.

31 Dec, 2013

Afghan Star Episode 10: Top 12 Elimination

Today the intense competition begins on Afghan Star, with one of our 12 final contestants eliminated by audience vote. But first we have six duets performed by the contestants.

24 Dec, 2013

Afghan Star Episode 9: Top 12

Episode 9 opens with a stirring rendition of ‘Afghanistan - Pirouzi’ by all the contestants and a special guest appearance by the song’s composer, Arash.

23 Dec, 2013

Afghan Star Episode 8: Top 12 Introduction

The competition has reached a new level, now that we have our top 12 contestants.

15 Dec, 2013

Afghan Star Episode 7: TOP 25

This week the top 25 contestants compete for a spot in the round of 12, promising a show full of fierce competition and the best singing we've seen yet.


8 Dec, 2013

Afghan Star Episode 6: TOP 160

This week, the 160 top Afghan Star contestants of Season 9 competed for just 24 spots in the next round. With such intense competition, nothing is predictable in this round!

1 Dec, 2013

Afghan Star Episode 5: Online auditions

This week, Afghans all over the world take the chance to audition for Afghan Star, by sending in videos of their singing through the internet.

26 Nov, 2013

Afghan Star Ep.4: Herat auditions

What surprises can we expect from the city of love and stars in episode 4? First up is Zohra, who vowed her singing would fare even in better in the next round without her veil.

17 Nov, 2013

Afghan Star Ep.3: Jalalabad & Kandahar auditions

Episode three  takes us to Jalalabad and Kandahar, where thousands of potential contestants have lined up in hopes of being recognized for their musical talents.