1 February 2018

In the elimination episode of this week contrary to the previous elimination episodes the contestants had individual performances.

Mohammad Aqil Sharify the Ghazal performer had the first performance in tonight’s show; he performed and could get some very positive feedback from the judges on his performance.


Secondly, a very beautiful Patriotic song was performed by Sami Aman which was followed by almost positive comments of the judges. Subsequently, Jamil Karimi performed a song “Zamana” from Amir Jan Sabori and he also could satisfy the judges and got very positive comments on his performance. 


The fourth one was Mansoor Jalaal who made the judges voiceless once again by his performance. He sang “Maihaneman” from Qais Ulfat and praised a lot by the judges especially by Qais Ulfat.

After Mustafa Hunarjoo came to the stage and sang a Patriotic song” Maihan”, Although there were some problems with his performance still he could satisfy the judges.


Finally, Haroon Rasoli performed the last song of tonight’s show” Watan Eshqi Tu Iftekharam” from Ustad Mmadadi.

After all, the last minutes of the show were used to announce the eliminated contestant who was Jamil Karimi.


To find out what happened in the Top 6 elimination please click on the below link to watch the full episode of Afghan Star.