11 January 2018

Jamil Karimi and Mohammad Aqil Sharify were the first two contestants who interpreted a song “Kasi Az Bestari Gul hai Sorkh” from the great afghan singer Fayaz Hamid, their performance was much encouraged by Qais Ulfat, judge of the show. Afterwards, Mustafa Hunarjoo and Sami Aman appeared on the stage singing “Sheikh Alia” an Azaragi song, they amazed the judges and got good comments on their performance.


Mansoor Jalaal and Reshad Naheeb performed the third duet of tonight’s show. They performed a song “To Ba Mani” from Ahmad Zahir, they surprised both the judges and the audience for their beautiful performance. Subsequently, Haroon Rasoli and Ahmad Saber Asifi came to the stage and performed the song “Saqe Bedeh Paymanaye” and encouraged a lot by the judges, finally, Adib Yusufi sing the last song of tonight’s show.


Lastly, the judges and the audience were all waiting for the result, one of them had to say goodbye to the stage of Afghan Star, to know who said goodbye to the program and disappointed his fans and more details about the Top 9 elimination click on the link below to watch the full episode of Afghan Star.