30 March 2018

In tonight’s show, Mustafa Hunarjoo was the first who came on the stage with a thrilling performance, and he sang the song” Payez” for his fans.

The second performance was from Jamil Karimi who sang “Kharab Roe to Am”. Afterward, Haroon Rasoli performed the song “Sultan e Qalbam” and made the audience voiceless.


Then Mustafa Hunarjoo did his second performance and praised a lot by the audience. Subsequently, Reshad Naheeb with his rap performance surprised the audience, Mustafa Hunarjoo again came to the stage and sang the song “Abe Baqa Koja o Labi Nosh O Koja” afterward Mansoor Jalaal came with an exciting Ghazal performance.


The show was concluded with a beautiful performance “Panjara” by Mustafa Hunarjoo which was much encouraged by the audience. 

 To find out more click on the link below to watch the full episode.