2 February 2018

The show began with a group performance by all the 5 contestants. 

Mustafa Hunarjoo was the first contestant who had his individual performance on tonight’s show. He performed a song “Ya Rab” and his performance was somehow criticized by the judges, Subsequently, Mohammad Aqil Sharify performed a Ghazal song and could obtain 38 points out of 40 from the judges.  


Thirdly, Haroon Rasoli sang “Zindagi Shor Nazanin Dara” from Ahmad Fanoos although he was somehow criticized by Ustad Saida Gul Miana still he got a total of 35 points.


Afterwards, Mansoor Jalaal had his performance on the Afghan Star stage. He performed a song “Dar An Nafas Ke Bemeram” and got 40 which was the highest points of tonight’s show plus some very positive comments.


And Sami Aman was the last contestant who got on the stage with a song “Lor Tarikh Na Qurban Shoma” although he did a mistake during his performance still he received a total of 36 points from the judges. Then Mansoor Jalaal came to the stage and did his second performance, lastly, the show was ended with a second Rap performance by our special guest Jamal Mubariz.