16 February 2018

The show began with a group performance by all the judges of the show. 

Arash Barez was the special guest on tonight’s show. He started the show with a thrilling performance “Dili Deewana” which was followed by the huge applause of the audience. 


Mansoor Jalaal was the first contestant singing the song “Ay Khoda En Ishq O” and he obtained 38 marks in total. The second contestant Haroon Rasoli also interpreted a Ghazal song “Ayena Frozan Shod” and could get 33 marks on his performance.


The third contestant was Reshad Naheeb who just came back into the competition, He sang a rap and got 40 marks out of 40 which was the highest marks in tonight’s show. Subsequently, Mohammad Aqil Sharify performed which was followed by very positive comments from the judges and got 34 marks on his performance. 

Mustafa Hunarjoo was the fifth singer of tonight’s show. He also sang “Bagh Wa Gulistanam Arezoost”. He got positive comments from the judges and obtained38 marks. 


Finally, with the performance of our special guest Arash Barez, the show reached to the endpoint. 

If you want to know more about top 5 please click on the link below to watch the full episode.